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Unpaid Payroll 941 taxes
Unpaid/Delinquent Payroll Taxes
If you have not fully paid all 940/941/1120 taxes, make sure you are proactive as possible to avoid being held personally liable for these unpaid taxes. Payroll taxes require IMMEDIATE attention!
Unfiled payroll 941 returns
Unfiled W-2's or Payroll Tax Returns
If you have not filed all of you necessary business tax returns, we can help get you back into compliance and avoid arbitrary balances from being assessed against you.

IRS Trust Fund Recovery Penalty
Trust Fund Recovery Penalty (Personally Liable on Business tax)
If you have been deemed personally liable for unpaid Payroll Taxes, Click here to learn more about what you can do resolve these issues and avoid IRS collection efforts. The IRS will be very aggressive in collecting on unpaid 941 tax. Don't delay getting help!

owe IRS back taxes
Owe IRS Back Taxes
If you currently have balances due to the IRS, Click here to learn more about what you can do resolve these issues and avoid IRS collection efforts.

IRS bank levy
IRS Bank Levy
If the IRS has frozen all funds in your bank account, find out how to release the levy before the bank sends your money to the IRS.

Unfiled (delinquent) tax returns
Unfiled Tax Returns
If you have delinquent tax returns, click here and see how easy we make it to get back into full filing compliance and to avoid any accuracy-related Penalties.
Owe State Income Tax
Owe State Taxes
If you owe State Income Tax that exceeds $10,000 and they are aggressively pursing collection, contact us and let us know what's going on. 

IRS wage garnishment
IRS Wage Garnishment
If your employer has received a Garnishment Notice from the IRS, click here to learn how quickly your garnishment can be released!
Federal IRS Tax Lien
Notice of Federal Tax Lien
If the IRS has issued a Federal Tax Lien against you, there are ways to get the IRS to release or withdraw the tax lien.

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