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How can I Find out My Best Options in Resolving State Tax Issues?

If the tax issues you are having are with a State Taxing Authority and NOT the IRS, the only way to confirm your best options is to contact us and let us know the State where you reside and the type of issues you are having. Each State has a completely different set of policies and you simply do not have as many rights at the State level as you do with the IRS.

We are one of the few firms in the country that is authorized to represent before the IRS and ALL State Taxing Authorities so please utilize our free service and give us a call to discuss your specific tax problems.

We can still fully represent you before the State to ensure you are protected from Collection Efforts, negotiate Payment Plans, Release Levy on Wages, and even Negotiate a Reduction or Elimination of your Tax Debt if you reside in a State that has an Offer In Compromise program.

We will be able to advise of your specific options to enable you to decide what you feel is best for you and how you would like to proceed in resolving your pending issues in the very best manner possible.

We will find the solution. We simply need to know what State is needing resolution work performed and the type of issues that need to be addressed!

Your Next Steps

Give us a call at (866) 573-3755 today to talk to someone safe about your situation.

We can have a quick chat on the phone so I can answer your questions and see if there is any way we can help you.

If you'd rather, click here to request a free consultation.

There is no risk and no obligation. We can really simplify this entire process for you!

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