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Innocent Spouse Relief: Declaring Independence

​Declaring Independence from Your Significant Other

A tax bill from a joint return results in debt for both you and your significant other. The IRS does not honor any contracts that say otherwise, including divorce decrees or separation agreements.

The IRS will try to collect the money from both of you at the same time, and will likely target whoever is easier to find or is easier to get money from. An Innocent Spouse claim can be filed with the IRS if you feel that only your significant other should be liable for the debt.


Get 4 important pieces of information regarding this process, including:

  1. What taxes are joint liabilities?

  2. Community Property States- Find out if you live in one.

  3. What arguments will be considered and which ones won't.

  4. Step-by-step process for filing a claim to achieve the highest possibility for success.


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