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668-W: Notice of Levy on Wages, Salary, and

Other Income

The IRS will send out warning shots and if appropriate action is not taken to pay the balance that is owed, they will garnish wages or begin seizing assets. Now, although the IRS has already warned you multiple times, this can all still be fixed but it is much more difficult to release a garnishment/levy than it is to prevent one from ever happening. We can get the garnishment released within 24-48 hours and always strive to have a release issues to an employer prior to next paychecks being issued. You are now at the mercy of the IRS and cannot survive if you remain under garnishment so PLEASE CONTACT US RIGHT NOW IF YOUR EMPLOYER RECEIVED A LEVY ON YOUR WAGES FROM THE IRS!


668-W Notice of Levy on Wages (Example)

IRS 668-W Notice of Levy on Wages example

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