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Sample IRS CP2000 Notice

Types of IRS Audits

CP2000: Proposed Changes to Form 1040

If you received this notice from the IRS, it doesn’t mean you absolutely owe the tax that is listed as an Amount Due. However, this notice is making you aware that the income and/or payment information that was submitted to the IRS by employers, banks, trade accounts, etc doesn’t match the information you reported on your tax return. The IRS has simply issued a proposed assessment of what you owe due to the failure to include or match this information. You will need to file an amended return, accept the proposed changes, or complete the response form to contest the changes along with adequate documentation to support your claim. Often times, you just didn’t receive all of your tax documents in the mail and filed your Return without making sure you had included everything. This can all be addressed but it needs to be done properly.


CP2000 Proposed Changes (Example-Page 1)

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CP2000 Proposed Changes (Example-Page 2)

Sample IRS CP2000 Notice Page 2

4549: Income Tax Examination Changes

If you are audited, the IRS will issue a Form 4549 to disclose what you owe in additional taxes and what was disallowed on the Tax Return in question. They will also include what you will owe in penalties and interest in accordance with this additional tax assessment if you are unable to defend against these changes. This form serves as a 30-day notice to respond to the IRS with your defense in order to prevent the actual assessment from being issued against you. The good news is, this form clearly indicates where changes were made and where you need to obtain documentation to support your defense. The burden of proof will be on you to prove your figures.


4549 Income Tax Examination Changes (Example)

Sample IRS 4549 Examination changes Notice

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