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FREE, No-Risk, No-Obligation

IRS Tax Relief Evaluation

No Fees.

No Commitments.

No Catches.

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Free Consultation

What can you expect to receive from the consultation?

We offer a full and complete consultation to anyone who is experiencing tax problems. This will allow us to discuss all issues on account and to explain your specific options once we become more familiar with your issues.


  • What is the process?

  1. We will ask that you explain your issues in as much detail as you can and indicate if you are currently under collections by the IRS or not.

  2. We will conduct a confidential check-up with the IRS to confirm any issue that you may not be aware of since you may need help in simply understanding what is even going on with the IRS.

  3. This behind-the-scenes check-up with enable us to fully review all information and explain your specific options, type of outcome you can expect to receive, and how long it will take to complete the work.

  4. Once everything is fully reviewed and all options are explained, you get to decide what you want to do. If you feel you can benefit from our services, we will explain what you can expect to receive if you hire us along with a credible quote.

  5. If it is determined you do not need professional assistance, we will advise you of the steps you need to take to get things handled by yourself.


Our Consultations provide you with all the information you need to make an informed and conscious decision. You will not ever be exposed to high pressure sales pitches!


  • How much does a thorough and complete Consultation cost?

There is never a fee for our full and complete consultations. We will spend as much time as we need to comb over all pertinent information so you are never left wondering if anything is being missed.


  • How long will it take to receive a full consultation?

Our initial call can take 10-15 minutes for you to explain your issues. We will then get off the phone with you and conduct our confidential IRS Check-Up and call you within 24 hours to discuss these findings and outline your specific options. You will be advised of any and all options within 24 hours of contacting us and asking for help.


  • Is there an obligation to hire or any hidden costs?

No, there is never an obligation to feel like you must hire us just because we spend a lot of time fully reviewing your IRS issues. The only time there is a fee is if you do hire us and our fees will be based strictly upon the amount of work required to resolve your tax problems. You will know exactly what to expect to receive once the consultation is complete.

Free Tax Consultation

(what makes us different from all the other firms)


Free Consultation

Fees and Pricing

Confidentiality & Privacy

Money Back Guarantee


Request a Free IRS

Tax Consultation

(100% Confidential)

For Immediate Assistance, Call 
(866) 573-3755
Expect a Real Consultation...
NOT a High Pressure Sales Pitch!

Ask Questions or tell Rick what's going on via email

Get Same-Day Response!

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Fees and Pricing

  • As discussed, there is NEVER a fee for us to get in and fully review your case.


​Most tax relief firms will try and get Credit Card information to collect a large down payment before they even know what your case requires. They will simply ask you how much you owe and then try and determine how much they think you are willing to pay to get help. Don’t become a victim to this type of approach!!

  • How do we determine fees?

If you can see the value and significance in having us assume the responsibility in handling your tax issues, we will provide you with a comprehensive quote that will cover all work and without any hidden costs or surprises. You will know what it is going to cost, the work it will cover, and the outcome it will provide for you. You will have a complete understanding of all the available options before you ever decide if you want our help or make any payments.

  • ​How can I be sure that there will be no surprises?

We implement a 3-Step Approach to ensure successful tax resolution for any type of pending tax issues and so our clients can have confidence in what they can expect to receive, what it will cost, and without fear of being taken advantage of.

Step 1: We take the time to fully understand YOUR particular tax issues

Let's discuss your issues! We want to know the type of tax issues you are having, find out if you have received any recent IRS Notices, and learn as much from you as possible about your pending tax problems. This will enable us to evaluate the kinds of options that are applicable to resolve your issues with the least amount of financial burden possible.

Step 2: We will perform a Confidential Check-Up with IRS

Once we understand the kinds of issues you are facing, we will get in and conduct a free "behind-the-scenes" checkup on your behalf to uncover everything that needs to be known about where things stand with the IRS. If we are going to provide you with credible options, we need to make sure nothing is being missed that can jump up and bite you later!

Step 3: Confirm what you Qualify for and Explain Outcome You can Expect

We will fully review your candidacy for all resolution options and make sure you are advised of the type of outcome you can expect if everything is handled properly and within your rights as a taxpayer.

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  • Is everything we discuss confidential?

Yes, we have a very strict policy on making sure everything we discuss is done with absolute confidentiality.

In order to conduct our IRS Check-Up, we will need to ask for some information to ensure it all matches IRS records. This information is all shredded and destroyed if you never do hire us and we never file Power of Attorney with the IRS.


If you hire us, we prefer full transparency and it is beset for everyone if there is never any hidden information. We will never just take your information and hand it over to the IRS. Our job is to make sure all pertinent information is arranged and disclosed as advantageously as possible to ensure optimal outcome.

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Money Back Guarantee

  • Do we Guarantee Results?

Yes, the sole purpose of our Free Consultation is to ensure we fully understand the specific steps that need to be taken prior to ever being hired. This prevents any speculation on results and allows both of us to have trust and confidence in the work being performed. If, for any reason, you are not happy with what is being done and want to back out, we will issue a full 30-day Money Back Guarantee so you never have to feel stuck.

If you hire us, we will enter into an all-inclusive Agreement that binds us to perform the predetermined services for you and at the quoted fee. There will never be any concerns over potential misleading information.

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  • Will the person handling my case be a licensed tax professional?

We only employ Attorneys and IRS Enrolled Agents. We do not hire “Ex-IRS Agents” or use fancy terminology just to try and get you to hire us. Many firms will rely on aggressive sales tactics to pressure you into hiring them when they are likely not even authorized or licensed to understand what you truly qualify for or the services you need.

Our approach is to simply advise you of any and all options so you can make qualified and credible decisions on what you feel is best for you and your family. Some people take all of our free information and never do hire us. However, we are never going to stray from this approach as it really does result in achieving optimal outcomes for each and every client we represent.

  • Will I be working with one person or multiple people?

With our firm, you will receive direct one-on-one representation and will always be working through the same communication process to ensure there is never miscommunication or unnecessary time spent having the same conversation with multiple representatives. This not only helps expedite the process but it reduces our fees by being as efficient with our time as possible.


To help gain trust and confidence in our approach and how we truly generate the best outcomes for our clients, please read through our Client Reviews and begin to see how each case is different and we never implement a cookie-cutter approach in the work we perform for our clients.


You are different from other clients and you require resolution work that is custom-tailored to your needs and qualifications!

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