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CP-523: Intent to Terminate Installment Agreement

If you ever agreed to an Installment Agreement and have received this notice from the IRS, then it means you have either missed a payment or you accrued a balance due on another tax year that was not included within this Installment Agreement. Sometimes, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it is warning that you must include all years together to avoid future issues or even negotiate a payment plan that is less than what was originally agreed to by the IRS. Remember, you are only required to pay whatever you show as an ability to pay without causing hardship. Perhaps, your collectability has gone down and we can now negotiate a settlement, get into Not Collectable Status or decrease your monthly payment to the IRS. This is where it really pays to be smart and to truly understand what your options are in getting out from under this debt.


CP-523 Intent to Terminate Agreement (Example)

IRS CP-523 Intent to Terminate Installment Agreement

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