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What Tax Relief Program is Best?

If you are unsure of what to do and want to speak with someone who specializes in negotiating with the IRS and knows the In's and Out's of IRS Tax Relief, please reach out and ask us for help. Let us know what's going on and we will find answers.  It might sound crazy, but we really are here to help you!


Whether you hire us or not, we will find the best option in making sure you take the right approach and do not make the situation worse than it already is. We will find YOUR solution!

We will fully review all issues on account with the IRS for FREE.  We will literally do everything for you. Within 24 hours, we can confirm if any returns need to be filed, obtain all tax documents to file your Missing Returns, understand all balances on account and status in collection, and ultimately determine the specific steps that need to be taken to get you back not compliance with the IRS and resolve any and all pending issues on account. 

If you owe back taxes to the IRS, it typically won't take them long to begin looking for ways they can collect against the balances. The more proactive you are in dealing with the issues, the easier it will be to avoid any Federal Tax Liens from being filed and the more options you are going to have in effectively resolving the balances on your terms!

How Do I Know What Option Is Best for ME?

There are multiple options that always need to be considered when performing tax resolution and each of these different remedies varies in terms of difficulty and the type of outcome they will provide. This is why is is so important that we identify the best resolution plan prior to ever being hired and engaging in negotiations with the IRS.

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Our website and Free Tax Relief Guides contain very in-depth explanations of how these different options work and the kind of outcome you can expect to receives if everything is handled in your best interest and within your rights as a Taxpayer.

Here is a quick summary of the type of IRS Programs we will evaluate for you and determine the outcome you can expect with each different Tax Relief Program. If you want honest answers, then you are at the right place!

IRS Resolution Programs
Taxpayers who owe back taxes to the IRS will have options that can be utilized to effectively resolve their tax debt, and avoid further collection actions from the IRS.  For more information on any of the following programs, please click on the Tax Solutions tab.  The most commonly used programs include:

  • Installment Agreement: This IRS program allows a taxpayer to satisfy their tax debt through monthly payments over an extended period of time. It is absolutely critical that you control and dictate these monthly payments as the IRS will try and collect as much and as often as they can. Never forget the IRS is a collection agency for the US Treasury and it is their purpose to collect on unpaid tax through any means possible.

    • It is important that you know what to provide and how to provide it if the IRS is requiring financial disclosure. If we are representing you before the IRS, we will determine whether it is best to disclose financials to the IRS or to absolutely avoid it all-together if it will result in a more favorable outcome. Everything with the IRS is based upon a Taxpayers' collectability so you always want to make sure you are able to document whatever story you are trying to tell!

    • If you are doing well financially, then we are going to want to utilize all tactics available to avoid financial disclosure. If you are tight financially, then it is will be advantageous to disclose financials and even avoid being forced into an Installment Agreement. This is where other options will become much more suitable in resolving your tax issues.

  • Innocent Spouse: This program allows taxpayers who were unaware of their spouse's tax-filing inaccuracies to be absolved of responsibility for the tax debt if it is determined you qualify for this type of relief.

  • Penalty Abatement: This program allows taxpayers to reduce or eliminate the monthly charged penalties that can substantially increase their tax debt amount if approved by the IRS. In order to qualify for this type of resolution, we will need to demonstrate that something happened that was beyond your control or unforeseeable that prevented you from being able to pay the tax that was owed at the time the income was being earned.

  • Currently Not Collectible: This program allows taxpayers to enter into an agreement where they will not be required to pay anything to the IRS due to an inability to do so without causing undue financial hardship. This is typically indicative of candidacy to resolve the pending tax debt through an Offer in Compromise Settlement.

  • Offer In Compromise (Tax Settlement): If you owe taxes to the IRS and the balances are so high that you can never reasonably expect to be able to satisfy these balances within the collection statute, then this is option will enable you to settle your debt for a significantly reduced amount, if not completely eliminate the debt. We advise that you make absolutely certain that you qualify for this program before you ever pay for this type of work or begin any negotiations with the IRS.

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