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Relief 101: The Basics of IRS Tax Resolution


Download Our "Quick and Dirty Guide" Below!

Tax relief comes in many forms, whether it means eliminating penalties, settling your debt for less than you owe, or ensuring that the IRS does not seize your bank accounts or garnish your wages.

If you owe money on your taxes, your plan for resolving this debt should include addressing all possible angles: Protection from IRS actions, determining ways to reduce the amount owed, and putting a plan into place that will permanently make worrying about taxes a thing of the past.

Colonial Tax Consultants has published "Tax Relief: A Quick and Dirty Guide" which details the different approaches that may be taken on every case. And while there is definitely no "cookie-cutter" solution to anything in the tax world, the tactics outlined in this guide are the same ones that we use in 90% of our cases.

There are 3 must-know things inside:

9 Different Ways to Keep the IRS from Taking Action Against You

Ways to Reduce What you Owe in Taxes

How to Contest an Audit- even years after the fact


This is the most straight-forward guide you will find anywhere on resolving taxes. Downloading this guide is absolutely free. Fill out the information below and it will be delivered to your email in seconds. And remember, we NEVER share your email address with anyone.

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