531-T: Notice of Deficiency

If you get to a point where you receive a 90-day Notice (or letter) of Deficiency, your Audit is really complete. At this notice stage, the IRS is offering you 90 days to go to Tax Court, if you want to dispute any items in that different venue but as far as negotiating with IRS Examinations is no longer an option. Should you want to keep up the fight and proceed to take your case to Tax Court, you can expect to pay what you owe the IRS or plan to negotiate with your tax professional on what you owe thru the IRS collection branch.  Now, if you do not want to go to an actual Tax Court, you do still have the option to file an Audit Reconsideration, which essentially starts the process over. This is something that you would need to discuss with a trusted tax professional if you get this far along in the audit process.

531-T Notice of Deficiency (Example)

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