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Avoid Tax Scams!

The majority of firms in the tax resolution industry claim to be experts at negotiating with the IRS and make promises that they are never able to uphold. There are so many scams existing in the marketplace that it is becoming nearly impossible to decide who you can trust.

Don’t allow those firms who claim to be members of a “special tax relief association” to persuade you of their legitimacy and don’t fall for the make-believe rating companies who claim to know who to trust. These are all phony businesses that are paid money to advertise on their behalf.

These people are praying on those they perceive as being desperate and will believe anything simply because they don’t know where to turn for real and honest help.

Dealing with the IRS is not an enjoyable experience and the last thing you need is to be led down a path that will only create more headaches for you. Don’t fall victim to these predators and make sure you hire someone that will truly act in your best interest and who will get you the results you deserve.

Here are some tips on what you can do to gain more confidence in hiring someone you can really trust:

  1. Confirm Better Business Bureau Rating. If they have a low rating or are not rated, stay away!
  2. Do they offer Free Consultations and Free IRS Check-Ups to fully evaluate your case before you ever have to decide if you want to hire them? This process will generally give you an idea if you trust them or if they are just slimy salesmen trying to take your money.
  3. Make sure they have Real Reviews or Testimonials that can be verified through a neutral third-party, such as Customer Lobby or TrustLink. It is pretty easy to tell on a website whether the testimonials are real or fabricated. Trust your instincts!
  4. Do a Google search on the business name and see if you can find complaints. If you’ve been in business long enough, you can’t satisfy everyone even if you truly generate optimal outcome, but complaints are never a good indicator of good business.
  5. Make sure the business even exists and has been around for more than just a few months.
  6. How large is the firm and will one person be handling your case from start to finish or will you be working with a network who just keep running in circles? This is an easy way for firms to charge more fees!

We are confident you will never find a tax resolution firm that is more qualified to work with the IRS and resolve your tax issues. What sets us apart and why we have never had a complaint in the 12+ years we have been in business.

The Colonial Tax Advantage™

  • Get a 100% Free Evaluation
  • Free IRS Check-Up to make sure nothing is being missed
  • Resolve Business and Personal tax matters
  • Fair & reasonable fees based solely upon the work required for YOUR case
  • We handle all communication with the IRS. You never speak with the IRS again
  • Immediate protection from IRS collections
  • Reduce balances & prevent seizure of assets
  • 12+ Years A+ Rating with BBB (Gold Start Recipient)
  • 100+ 5-Star Client Reviews (no complaints)
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Do your research.

We’re here to fix your tax problems!

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