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Taxpayers and business owners throughout the country turn to Colonial Tax to resolve their tax problems every day where you know you will receive one-on-one personal representation as opposed to having to deal with a large factory firm that doesn’t truly care about your individual case. Feel free to read our reviews to confirm our approach and reputation.

Perhaps the best advice we can give anyone who is experiencing tax problems with the IRS is to never try and represent yourself if you have balances that exceed $20,000. You would never attempt to represent yourself in a courtroom and you should adhere to this same advice when it comes to the IRS.

Our Senior Consultant, Rick Peart, will personally evaluate your case and spend as much time as he needs to map out a detailed plan that is custom-tailored to your specific situation. Once this 24-hour review is complete, you can finally become exposed to your real options and begin to experience some peace of mind in resolving your pending tax troubles. Rick will consider all applicable remedies and we offer all of the following services:


2. Know What to Expect Before Hiring

Start getting some peace of mind today and take advantage of our FREE IRS CHECK-UP/CONSULTATION to confirm your real options and decide what you feel is best for you and your family. We will fully review your IRS case and let you know everything that needs to be done to provide you with full and complete resolution and to ensure you don’t face future repercussions.

3. Trust Your Instincts

We realize it can be stressful and time consuming when trying to find the right tax relief firm, especially when there are known to be a lot of dishonest and unethical practices in this industry. To game some trust and confidence in who we are, we really encourage you to speak with Rick and truly begin to experience the honest and ethical approach that we take in resolving tax issues. Once you speak with Rick, we are confident you can stop searching and know you can trust Colonial Tax Consultants to assume the responsibility in resolving your pending tax problems.

100% Free Tax Relief Guides

Our mission is to provide you with honest tax solutions. We have honored that goal of ours by creating 100% tax relief guides that you can download and use for your tax situation. These guides are a starting point to help you get on the right track.

Choose Your Free Tax Relief Guides

We fully represent taxpayers NATIONWIDE from our home office in Denver, CO. This allows us to maintain quality control over all work being performed to ensure optimal results for our Clients! Our website's digital marketing is provided by Classy Brain.

Request a Free IRS

Tax Consultation

(100% Confidential)

Speak Directly with Rick
(866) 573-3755
Expect a Real Consultation...
NOT a High Pressure Sales Pitch!

Ask Questions or tell Rick what's going on via email

Get Same-Day Response!

Power of Attorney in all 50 states

Honest and Ethical IRS Tax Resolution

Our small team of IRS-Licensed Attorneys and Enrolled Agents has over 55 years of Experience

in Properly Addressing and Resolving Individual and Business Tax Issues. 

Colonial Tax Consultants staff members
Get Immediate Help With:
  • Reducing IRS Tax Debt

  • Release Wage Garnishment

  • Filing Missing Tax Returns

  • Obtaining W-2's and Tax Docs

  • Federal Tax Liens/Levies

  • Payroll Tax Negotiation

  • Business Tax Resolution

  • Trust Fund Recovery Penalties

  • IRS Payment Plans

  • Collection Statute Dates

​Let Us Help You Start Resolving Your Tax Problems Today

1. Our Affordable & Experienced Tax Team Handles Everything For You!

Colonial Tax Consultants is a small team of tax attorneys and enrolled agents specializing in resolving tax liabilities and ensuring taxpayer rights are protected. Colonial Tax is one of a very select group of firms in the entire country that is authorized to represent before the IRS and ALL State Taxing Authorities.

Whether you owe $10,000 or $500,000 we welcome you to give us a call.


Take advantage of our 100% FREE Tax Consultation/IRS Check-Up to:

1. Learn all issues on your IRS Account that need to be resolved.

-Do things right and avoid future issues with IRS.

2. Learn the specific Collection Statute Expiration Dates on all periods with balances.

-Everything with IRS is based upon these Collection Statutes.

3. Find Out if any Tax Returns are needing to be filed and obtain tax documents.

-Gather all  Tax Documents to properly file Old Returns (W-2’s/1099's)

4. See you are in the Collection Process to allow for immediate protection.

-Establish holds to be granted time to complete resolution work.

5. Understand how we, as trusted tax relief professionals, would resolve your pending tax issues in the very best manner possible.

-Learn your real options and the specific outcome you can expect before taking action.

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