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Solutions To Tax Problems

There are many programs and strategies that can be used to fix your problem. Sometimes you need just one of these to accomplish your goal of putting your back taxes behind you for good. Other times you will need to employ a combination of these strategies to reach your desired outcome.

Click on any of the links below to learn about the most common solutions that we pursue on behalf of our clients.

Individual-Related Tax Solutions

Offer in Compromise File Delinquent Tax Returns How to Get an IRS Levy Released
IRS 10 Year Statute of Limitations IRS Payment Plans IRS Penalty Abatement / Relief
IRS 10-Year Collection Statute IRS Payment Plan Penalty Abatements
IRS Currently Not Collectible Release IRS Tax Liens IRS Innocent Spouse
Currently Non-Collectible Federal Tax Liens Innocent Spouse

Business-Related Tax Solutions

Back IRS Payroll Taxes IRS Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Corporate Restructuring
Back Payroll Taxes Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Corporate Restructuring

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