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How to Release an IRS Lien, Levy, or Garnishment

Stop the IRS Pick-Pocket From Taking Your Hard Earned Money

The IRS and the States have the ability to secure their interests and take your money, and they don't usually need the court's approval. You are guilty until proven innocent. A levy and a garnishment are some of the most aggressive actions the government can take. If you are currently the victim of one of these, we urge you to seek expert advice immediately. There are often critical deadlines and appeals actions that must be taken immediately.

Our in depth guide explains:

  1. The exact difference between a lien, levy, and wage garnishment. We tell you everything you need to know about each individual process.
  2. Our guide explains why the government would choose to pursue these actions against you. You'll find out what you're potentially at risk for.
  3. We cover a special section on levies, answering common questions, including: "Which levies are one-time and which ones are continuous?"
  4. Finally, we guide you to relief, explaining how to release a lien, levy, and wage garnishment. This includes in-depth negotiation tactics and covers the different appeals processes.

Download the free IRS Levy/Garnishment guide “Stopping the IRS Pick Pocket” using the form below. You will be sent an email in seconds containing a link so you can view and print the guide.

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