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7 Things You Must Know About Offer In Compromise

Learn How You Can Settle Your Tax Debt for a Fraction of What You Owe!

Did you know the IRS and many States have a program that allows you to make your IRS debt go away for good? Download our free guide below. It explains the Offer in Compromise process in detail, showing you the same steps that our firm has used to successfully negotiate settlements for hundreds of clients.

Our free Offer in Compromise guide explains:

  1. If you are eligible for the program.
  2. Why the government wants to work with us and make you a deal.
  3. Instruction on what you can expect to settle for if negotiations are handled properly.
  4. The five steps that must be taken to maximize your opportunity for success with an Offer in Compromise.
  5. A personalized checklist that will help you make sure you understand the process and can see the significance in being thorough and accurate.
  6. Statistics of the IRS Offer in Compromise program.
  7. How you can benefit from having a trusted OIC expert in your corner.

Download the free Offer In Compromise guide "7 Things You Must Know About Offer In Compromise" using the form below. You will be sent an email in seconds containing a link so you can view and print the guide.

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